We are continuously strived to expand our business, and distributing our vehicles across all countries. Therefore we are looking for motivated partners and distributors around the world.

What exactly are we looking for?

Basically, the most important criteria to us is your motivation as well as your physical capabilities to handle this task. Ideally, your company has some years of experience in distributing products in your country (preferably cars/motorbikes/scooters or similar). An existing network of sub-dealers and -partners is of considerable advantage on the way to becoming the exclusive distributor in your respective country.

In case you feel capable and motivated enough to become a distributor for a whole country or maybe even a smaller region, feel free to send us your application/message via our contact form below.

What can be expected?

  Professional business and long-term relationships
  Very attractive margins and bonus programme
  Exclusive sales rights for your country/region
  High-level support in business and technical issues
  Free advertising and promotion materials
  Access to our unique dealer/distributor portal

Contact Information
Horwinglobal will not, at any point, sell or trade your personal information to outside parties.




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